About Maritime Drilling School

Maritime Drilling School gives individuals, from all walks of life, a unique training opportunity in the oil and gas industry. The unique Roughneck training program is a 20-day course with a focus on hands-on functions and safety practices.  Maritime Drilling School works with individuals who were previously general laborers, teachers, military personnel, police officers, and more and puts them in an environment where they can learn the various trades and skills in the oil industry. Maritime Drilling School ensures that all graduates will hit the ground running with their new career on the oil rig.

Do you have what it takes to be a Roughneck?

In Roughneck training you will get a multi-faceted understanding of all positions on an oil rig and learn the safe practices from each.  As an industry accredited Post Secondary Private Career College, Maritime Drilling School is one of the elite career colleges the oil industry has to offer. Maritime Drilling School training provides you with instructor hands-on training, aiming to help you meet any challenges that could potentially be faced on an oil rig. Graduates will can leave confident, knowing that they have been provided with an best industry accreditation process.

Maritime Drilling School is located in North Sydney, Nova Scotia. Since its inception in May of 2000, Maritime Drilling School has registered and trained thousands of individuals from all around the world.

About The Founder

Reg MacDonald, founder of Maritime Drilling Schools Limited, started working on an oil rig in the kitchen and throughout the following thirty years he has worked on every type of land and offshore oil rig.  This experience gives him the chance to teach his craft to anyone who is tough enough and determined enough to be a Roughneck and Reg MacDonald is one of the elite IADC drilling technology instructors in Canada.

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